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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  April 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. tonight severe weather rolls through the area. tornado watches and a report of a funnel cloud outside dc. we are watch upping the radar. police say they held people up as they stood in line in pay rent. and willie don is at rest. abc 2news starts right now. >> now, abc 2news at 11. >> a night of frayed nerves. tornado warnings for much of the area earlier tonight and this is what many of us worried about. this cloud right here formed along route one just outside of virginia. the big question is what is next for us? >> that's right. wyatt is here with the look at the first forecast. >> i think we have about another 12 to 18 hours of unsettled weather. we may get a little break overnight but will ramp it up
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tomorrow. its been a wild night of weather with multiple reports of tornados in the midatlantic and another may be on the ground just southwest of dc, that's a warning there, multiple warnings in western virginia, severe watch for the eastern shore. the radar, that's one intense looking cell there as we go 65 degrees overnight tonight look for muggy and breezy conditions. that tornado and thunderstorm watch continuing, that cluster in the dc to southwest of dc, we could get mornings and places like howard. we will see on that, showers and storms a good bet through the afternoon. some of them could be severe throughout the day. >> thank you. and as he mentioned tornado warnings have popped up just before 8:00 tonight. not much damage to be found around our area, here we found just some stray rain drops and
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dark clouds to go with the gusty winds. no real power outages to report in the area, just a few dozen homes without power after the storms came through. >> so far we have been lucky keeping our head low so we don't get punched but intense storms have swept a deadly path of destruction. this is from alabama as a huge tornado touched down and this is the result. it looks like the aftermath of a hurricane or quake and the mayor said parts of the city were destroyed by this tornado. at least 40 are reported dead in alabama, 11 in mississippi, more in other states, all the result of these storms. want to take you to the website, this is our tornado alley live. you will find the latest from the video, all the news stories, today's risk is high.
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here is what i want you to do. go to the map, all those cars that go around chasing the tornadoes. these are the cars in the route right now. you can see a tornado report right now. it's in alabama, you can follow it all throughout the country and a moderate risk here. i'm trying to find if there are any cars -- here, some car -- one car in oklahoma. again if there is a car that's active, right there, see they have the video here, watching if any tornadoes come through. go to abc 2news, this is our tornado alley and it's live and you can track severe weather in your own neighborhood any time you want. >> thank you. as he said you can track that severe weather right down to your own zip code and neighborhood right on the website and you can also sign up for severe weather alerts right to your e-mail address. some new developments in
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the armed robbery of tenants standing in line trying to pay their rent. it happened a few days after christmas and cheryl connor is back learning there have been arrests made. >> reporter: there have, two arrests and i have to say we often report that metro crime stoppers number, and we have learned that it paid off. i'm also getting information that some victims got evicted when they couldn't make payments. the monthly rent is often the biggest payment tenants make. armed robbers took advantage of the cash they held in front of the rental station. >> the next thing you know people started falling out of line saying the guy has a gun. >> reporter: after four months police arrested two men. police spokesman said the metro crime stoppers number paid off. >> they basically provided us the identity of at least one
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suspect in the case and based on that detectives were able to develop other leads and identity the second and the third suspect in this case. >> reporter: police say a third suspect died before tracking him down. tenants have noticed armed guards since the robberies happened on december 27th. ann heard that two tenants who were robbed were kicked out after not having rent. >> a couple of people they gave them a few extra weeks to get the money that was stolen but there were people that were kicked out after the new year because nonpayment of rent. >> reporter: nobody was at the business office to confirm that. they are still on guard even though suspects were arrested. >> behind those two buys is probably two others that think they can do it better. i don't go there with cash or
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my pocket book. >> reporter: and police say the suspects are being held without bail. they are charged with multiple counts of armed robbery. the tipster who called crime stoppers is eligible for a $2,000 reward. >> thank you. the first four months of the year almost over and so far the news has not been good for city police. >> christian is here with that story tonight. >> reporter: the murder rate is higher right now than it was last year and four now, that number doesn't include a burning body found inside an abandoned home in southwest baltimore today. high powered fans aired out the abandoned row home. >> my neighbor was saying that she smelled smoke in her house and when she heard somebody she had a nephew to call the fire department. they found a body. >> reporter: officials say the body had been wrapped in plastic and set on fire in the
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basement. so far its been classified as a suspicious death which means as of right now there have been 66 homicides in baltimore city in 2011 after a murder in brooklyn on tuesday. this time last year there had been 55, people who live here the abandoned home say the people who own the homes need to do more to secure them. >> concrete in the front, the down stairs area used concrete instead of wooden boards. >> reporter: there hasn't been much serious crime they say but they believe the burned body will be ruled the city's 67th homicide and now they are concerned for their own safety. >> personally i'm in and out, you know and i mind my own. i'm caution of where i'm going at and who is a round me, who is walking around. >> reporter: the body that was found today has been taken for autopsy. there has been no identification so far and police haven't said if it's a
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man or woman. >> a man said he thought his landlord henry wagner was a warlock so he killed him. he was found not criminally responsible for first degree murder today. he will instead go to a state mental hospital. wagner's family said it's justice that he gets the help he needs but it's not justice for them. ♪ [ music ] >> william donald schaffer is home tonight. a symbol of a fallen leader, then a 19 gun salute, taps, then the american flag was folded handed to his long time
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aide. then maryland, my maryland was played over the phone for his closest friends on the night he died. his body will be next to his long time companion. >> we take to you old st. paul's church where we laughed and cried for william donald schaffer. >> and salute. >> reporter: for one day he brought us all back together again. >> it's the end of the line for a very, very dear friend. i'm very upset about losing him. >> reporter: here we are blocks north of when baltimore started getting better. >> he was always a decent man. may he rest i peace. >> we were just great friends. >> i love the governor with all my heart. it was such an honor to serve with him and i can't imagine we are saying good-bye to him. >> reporter: men and women in
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blue, some started back much earlier. >> one of the greatest men i ever knew. >> reporter: inside baltimore's most power of voices. >> i sat there holding his hand telling him how much i loved him and watched him take his final breath. he knew each and every one of us could make a difference. >> i will miss you. >> reporter: ask george who filled the pot holes who came to visit him in the hospital. >> don schaffer. >> reporter: his photographer for 40 years. >> he made me more than i ever would have been. >> reporter: lenny moore was here and so was sandy. >> if he was here he would be here. he loved schaffer. >> he is one of a kind, great guy, you know him, he isn't be replaced. >> reporter: passed down from john to john junior. >> he loves my father. in fact at his 90th birthday i
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took him a picture of my father when he was a gi and the governor held it and wouldn't let it go. >> reporter: as we leave we clutch him in our hearts. for one day he brought us back together, a day the likes of which we may never see again. >> guys like him aren't supposed to die but guys like him never do, his spirit will be with us forever. >> here we are on nfl draft eve and the judges made another ruling. the judge who lifted the lock out on monday has denied the nfl request for a stay on the rules but what does it mean? >> four months ago we didn't know if she would make it through the night and here we are just hours watching her climb the steps of the airplane. >> and it was a bad hair day in chicago as crooks break-in to a beauty supply store and steal thousands of dollars of hair weaves. that plus weather in just 60 seconds.
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. tonight police in chicago have a strange burglary on their hands. thieves didn't take money, they took tens of thousands of dollars of hair from a beauty supply store. video shows them trying to open the back door while a third plays look out. the owner said they were able to leave before the cops arrived. >> near pittsburgh crews have secured a set of run away barges. four barges in all broke free on the ohio river today and struck a train trestle and that shut down schools and places of work. three are under control, the 4th sank. major new developments, a judge has made up her mind. the lock out is over. late night the judge ruled the league didn't do enough to convince her to freeze her earlier rule that lifted the lock out. the nfl argued it should stay
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in place while it appealed. the judge didn't agree. now the league will likely be forced to resume business and that includes free agency, trades, off season workouts and it still isn't clear when this is all going to happen. > internet sites reporting that sony has been hit with its first lawsuit. yesterday they announced a major security breach involving the playstation 3, hackers got credit card information, e-mail and addresses of people who bought things from the network. the suit filed on behalf of a 36-year-old alabama man accuses the company of failure to maintain security and waiting to long to tell customers. >> just days before friday's launch of the shuttle nasa is tackling a burning issue, a fire on the kennedy space center property. you can see the black smoke. officials say lightning from tuesday's storms may have caused the fires and while they
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just about three miles from the launch pad nasa officials said launch operations haven't been impacted. and gabreille giffords in florida tonight. she will be there on friday to watch her husband take off during his space shuttle launch. those at ellington field in houston say she got out of a wheelchair on the tarmac and slowly made her way up the steps to the airplane. how inspirational is she for doing this four months after being shot in the head in arizona. >> and just about an hour ago a great deal at baskin robins store; for 31-cents you could get a scoop of ice cream from a firefighter. this is the scene at one with them dishing up ice cream. you can still make a five dollar donation to the fallen
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firefighters donation by texting 6333. we don't need to tell you gas prices sky high and so thank goodness for the grocery store rewards programs that let you save cash when you shop. >> while you may love those savings some gas station owners hate them. john has more for you. >> reporter: many greater baltimore drivers fill up at supermarkets because they get a discount on that four dollar gas. a lawsuit just filed in california claims that some gas discounts are unfair believe it or not. six independent gas stations have filed suit against safeway, the big california grocery chain. they claim safeway is hurting competition by selling gas below it's whole sale cost. this suit will be watched by others across the country. safeway like others gives card holders a three cent
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discount and lets customers earn another 10-cent discount. independent stations say that amounts to unfair competition. a similar lawsuit in colorado changed the policies of many markets. the report said letting customers earn a discount is fine but just charging 20-cents less than other stations can result in lawsuits. that's why you normally have to shop to earn a gas discount. for more of the report go to the web page, click on the money tab so you don't waste your money. >> well tonight all the practice is over. william and kat, spent the evening at the abby practicing the ceremony. tomorrow night they will spend the night separated. kate will be with her family and william will be with his family. power use is expected to surge
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as soon as she appears. the thinking people will rush to see her dress. you can catch it all starting at 4:00 a.m. on abc2. you won't see good morning maryland but you can see it on the digital channel, over the air its channel 2.3 and you can watch it on channel 463 on verizon or 204 comcast and live on the website. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> all right. just checking the latest press off the weather wire. no active warnings to tell you about. that's a good thing. still a tornado watch up through 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and the severe thunderstorm watch through 3:00 a.m. for the eastern shore. still concerns that isolated storms have the possibility to
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go into tornadoes or produce damaging winds. some of the action moving in to baltimore and the most significant north and west of washington. you can see where this is and we take you down toward reston. that same storm now tracking toward i-270. it'll track closer into the immediate baltimore area. right now at the airport 69, winds southeast at five and the pressure at 2981 and rising and through the day we captured pretty wild majeure here, camp springs near andrew's air force base, a report of a tornado near the golf course. you see that nasty storm cell, indicating and here are some of the pictures that were sent in from around the midatlantic this is off route one and then a very significant funnel cloud here n is stafford in virginia just outside the dc area and
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how about this one? most impressive shot i have seen from the midatlantic. this is down in longwood university outside of richmond. you talk about a wild storm cell. that looks like something out of the great plains. one of those big severe weather days and of course very rough weather in the south outside the midatlantic. we have had our share. temperatures around 70. still gusty winds out there, 25, and there is that one renegade storm that's weakening right now, happy to report that. the main storm system has yet to move in. this was just sort of an opening prestorm line, you can see this main circulation that's put down killer tornadoes across the south today, dozens of people killed in places like alabama and mississippi, a sad story in that direction. the same power house storm will push through the east coast. it won't pack the same punch but enough i think to produce severe storms. here is the timing, stop it
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here, 1 1:00. likely to produce severe storms but late in the afternoon things heat up more i think the eastern shore will be where there will be the greatest chance for severe weather as things warm up and finally we clear out tomorrow but we have to get through i would say midday tomorrow and on the eastern shore you have to get through tomorrow afternoon as it pushes west to east. overnight 65, muggy and breezy, tornado and severe thunderstorm watch, tomorrow 77 with storms, some could be severe and tomorrow night down to 50 with clearing skies, cooler and breezy, here is the seven day forecast, great news is this, through this next 12 to 18 hours we are looking good into the weekend, one of the best april weekends we have seen in a while. you know low 70s, sun, that's great friday to sunday but we will keep a close eye on the radar, especially in to the middle part of the day.
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>> virginia, man. >> wild photographs out of there. >> all right. >> thank you. >> there might have been wind and rain in your yard but it was all quiet down at the yard. >> orioles and red sox game two a wild finish. highlights are next but first a look ahead at night line. >> hello and thank you. coming up, giant tornadoes slug the south killing dozens, leaving miles of debris, hundreds of thousands without power. plus the never before told story of prince william's secret boyhood vacations, the american west right after you. this is the aircraft logbook.
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. everything was handled quickly. i was given all the contacts for any of the services i required, they put me in contact.
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. >> here is the press box sports report. 15,000 at yard saw pretty good one tonight. luke scott, watch this clobber job. he sends one to the warehouse to put the orioles up 2-0. it's his third of the year. kevin playing up, doesn't matter. robin lays down a perfect bunt, guthrie another solid outing. he gave up seven hits and absolutely no runs. he left the game 4-0 leaders but a three run shot to tie the score. watch him when he comes out, he is furious. here it is, derek lee who had three hits on the night gets on and vlad knocks him in and then in the top of the 9th orioles win their second over the red
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sox 5-4. >> winner is, peyton hillis. >> wow, what upset of the century. browns running back peyton hills the new madden cover athlete. espn said 13 million votes were cast and hillis crushed vick with 66% of the vote. that's like schaffer like numbers there. in the brackett style tournament hillis beat ray rice, matt ryan, jamal charles and aaron rodgers and also vick to grace the cover of madden 12. >> isn't that the bad luck cover? >> yeah. >> hope he has a goodyear. >> they always say that. >> quick check of the radar. its been an active evening. right now watching this one storm of concern. i mean it has a -- no warning but we will track it the rest of the evening. looking ahead to tomorrow storm is a good bet through at least
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the first half and later through the afternoon on the eastern shore. some could be severe, we will track it right here and we will be back right after this. i'm your biggest fan. you know that. aww. you're the best, mr. snuggles. [ thinking ] another pet name? you're right, puggle-wuggle!
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